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2008 Contact Center Executive and Management Briefing (Whitepaper)

2008 Contact Center Executive and Management Briefing

By Donna Fluss


This is DMG Consulting’s first Contact Center Executive and Management Briefing. This Briefing analyzes the business, operational and technical challenges and opportunities that are impacting contact center performance. It presents the high-level industry trends that are driving the evolution of contact centers into essential corporate contributors and players.

This Briefing gives corporate and contact center executives and managers an appreciation of the leading business priorities that will enable them to achieve their top three goals in 2008 – improving productivity, providing an outstanding customer experience and generating incremental revenue. It also provides practical and actionable tactics and best practices to assist them in optimizing their center’s performance. The Briefing’s analysis of strategic and tactical challenges and opportunities takes into account the effect of the US recession, helping contact center managers minimize its impact on their operations. This Briefing also presents managers with five new major trends – business and technical – that are beginning to alter the landscape for both enterprises and their contact centers, enabling contact center leaders to assess the impact and benefits of these new trends and plan their strategies accordingly.

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