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2010 Contact Center Outbound Dialer Product and Market Report (Whitepaper)

2010 Contact Center Outbound Dialer Product and Market Report

By Donna Fluss


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) introduced legislation in 2003 to severely limit uninvited calls to unwelcoming prospects. What the FTC’s legislation did was to end “blind dialing,” a low-value, highly disruptive activity that annoyed the majority of recipients. Following the FTC’s legislation, many countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany, India and the UK, issued similar regulations to protect their citizens. Many outsourcers, telemarketing firms and industry pundits believed that dialing was dead. DMG Consulting disagreed, as we believe that outreach, be it from enterprises or governments, can be a high-value and well- received interaction when done right.

Many travelers welcome alerts that notify them of schedule changes and cancellations. Consumers waiting for a service person or package delivery see the value in being notified of a delivery time or date. Patients appreciate reminders about their medical appointments. People who take medicine save time and energy when their pharmacies proactively reach out and invite them to request a refill. And citizens greatly appreciate being notified by their local police department of street closings that impede their travel. These are just a few of the highly beneficial uses of the fast-growing outbound customer care segment (also known as outbound notification).

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