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Building a Multi-Channel Contact Center in the Era of Social Networking (Whitepaper)

Building a Multi-Channel Contact Center in the Era of Social Networking

By Donna Fluss


The explosive growth of social networking is forcing enterprises to change how they interact with their customers, prospects, partners and investors. The telephone remains the primary communication tool between businesses and their customers. However, as Generation Y’ers and Millennials (people born between 1977 and 1997) take their rightful place as leading consumers, they are showing a preference for communications channels such as SMS, chat and email. Video is also slowly making inroads and social networks and communities are threatening to alter many hard-won contact center best practices. Enterprises must keep up with changing channel preferences or risk having customers defect to companies that “get it.”

This document is a guide to building a multi-channel contact center in the era of social networking. It will:

  • Define the new multi-channel contact center
  • Prioritize servicing channels based on customer demographics
  • Discuss the impact of social networking on contact center operations
  • Review technology requirements for the contact center of the future
  • Assess the benefits and challenges in multi-channel contact centers
  • Present best practices for forecasting and scheduling in a multi-channel contact center
  • Provide a roadmap for getting started

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