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Call Center First Call Resolution Guide (Whitepaper)

Call Center First Call Resolution Guide

By Donna Fluss


First call resolution (FCR) is a unique key performance indicator (KPI) that measures the effectiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction level of a call center. It is the ONLY single metric that provides a balanced view of the call center’s overall operating performance.

The challenge in using FCR as a KPI is that it is difficult to capture the right data to accurately calculate this metric. It is also hard to get buy-in from all call center constituencies on the validity of your methodology. Call centers around the world are struggling to come up with a consistent process to measure this essential key performance indicator. This white paper is a guide for building an actionable FCR program for your call center. This document will:

  • Explore the strategic role of contact center performance management
  • Provide the definition and calculation formula for first call resolution
  • Discuss how a FCR program benefits customers, agents and the call center
  • Present a framework and tactical steps for implementing a successful FCR program
  • Review a case study of a successful FCR program

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