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Contact Center Manager’s KPI Survival Guide (Whitepaper)

Contact Center Manager’s KPI Survival Guide

By Donna Fluss



Contact center managers are confronted with volumes of data and dozens of reports generated by automated and manual systems and processes. They may have a surfeit of metrics, but lack the fundamental information needed to manage their operating environment. Too often, contact centers have no way of systematically measuring and communicating how well internal and corporate objectives are being met and identifying where change is required. Contact center performance management addresses this challenge. It gives contact center managers an analytical framework for determining if and where process improvement is required and the management tools for making changes, when necessary.

This white paper presents a methodology and process for building an effective performance management program. It shows how to identify and use the right key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor and enhance the performance of your contact center. This white paper:

  • Defines contact center performance management
  • Discusses the benefit of performance management for customers, agents, supervisors,managers, the contact center, sales, marketing and the entire corporation
  • Presents KPIs and metrics for agent, supervisor/manager, contact center, sales/marketing, enterprise and customer balanced scorecards
  • Provides the steps and a roadmap for building and implementing a performance management program

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