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Contact Center Surveying on the Upswing

Contact Center Surveying on the Upswing

Contact Center Surveying on the Upswing



WEST ORANGE, NJ — JUNE 21, 2007 – DMG Consulting LLC, the leading provider of contact center and real-time analytics market research and consulting services, has published the inaugural edition of the Contact Center Surveying and Analytics Report. This 200-page Report is the leading guide to this changing market. The Report provides contact center managers with in-depth coverage and analysis of the contact center surveying market trends, vendors, competitive landscape, technology, product functionality, service delivery options, ROI, market share, pricing and implementation best practices. The Contact Center Surveying and Analytics Report delivers all the information and critical insights needed to select the right product and service option, at the right price.

Surveying is essential for enterprises of all sizes, as it is the most effective method for determining if customers are satisfied with a company’s products and services and will remain loyal advocates. According to Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting, “measuring customer satisfaction is an old concept that is finally receiving the attention it deserves. Companies have tried many techniques and used dozens of applications to assess customer loyalty and advocacy. Surveying is one of the best indicators of these metrics and is, therefore, an essential corporate function.”

The Contact Center Surveying and Analytics Report is a must-read for corporate executives and managers seeking to use customer feedback to gain a strategic advantage. This Report describes how surveying solutions empower organizations by providing critical and actionable information to respond to issues that are impacting customers. “Surveying is a tactical activity that has strategic implications and benefits for the entire enterprise. It should be a required element in all customer (or constituent)-facing strategies,” says Fluss.

The Contact Center Surveying and Analytics Report includes:

  • Overview of the developing contact center surveying market, its emergence as an essential function and market trends
  • The role and purpose of surveying in contact centers and enterprises
  • In-depth review of the functional components of surveying applications
  • Discussion of surveying service delivery options
  • ROI analysis for surveying projects
  • Adoption rate and three-year projections for contact center surveying
  • Surveying market share analysis
  • Surveying implementation best practices
  • Surveying vendor customer reference analysis
  • Analysis of the vendor landscape, including detailed side-by-side product, functional and technical comparisons
  • Vendor reports, critiquing all aspects of their functional capabilities and future R&D plans
  • Pricing for premise-based, hosted and managed service offerings
  • Surveying vendor directory

To learn more about the Contact Center Surveying and Analytics Report, or to order a copy, go to, or contact Deborah Navarra at 516-628-1098 or

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DMG Consulting LLC is a strategic advisor to companies large and small. Our mission is to help companies build cost-effective contact center and service environments that provide an outstanding customer experience. We achieve this goal by helping our clients leverage technology, process and people to optimize operational efficiency, sales and profits. Our actionable strategies and tactics effect change in clients’ internal process and technology to maximize the returns from all customer-facing activities – sales, marketing and customer service. Our customers include Global 2000 companies such as RealNetworks, Sub-Zero/Wolf, Stride Rite, Sun Microsystems, T-Mobile, Emerson Process Management, J. Jill Group, HBCS, Carlson and Bosch.