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Contact Center Surveying/Feedback and Analytics Market Grew by 21.3% Between 2007 and2008

Contact Center Surveying/Feedback and Analytics Market Grew by 21.3% Between 2007 and2008

Contact Center Surveying/Feedback and Analytics Market Grew by 21.3% Between 2007 and2008



West Orange, NJ – September 23, 2008 – DMG Consulting LLC, the leading provider of contact center and real-time analytics research, market analysis, business strategy, operations, and technology consulting services, has published the 2008 Contact Center Surveying/Feedback and Analytics Market Report. This is the industry’s most comprehensive and timely guide to this highly valuable and rapidly growing market.

The contact center surveying/feedback and analytics market grew by a resounding 21.3% between 2007 and 2008. This represents the strongest growth ever in this market segment, and this trend is expected to continue. Based on sales during the past year and the momentum carried into 2008, DMG is forecasting 20% growth in 2008. The substantial increase in adoption of survey/feedback systems is being driven by the recognition that customer insight and feedback is important to the enterprise, not just the contact center.

The contact center surveying/feedback market is undergoing a major transformation. During the past 18 months, significant innovation has channeled the evolution of surveying tools into enterprise feedback management solutions. Enterprises are beginning to acknowledge the importance of building a 2-way dialogue with their customers. New forms of communications and social networking applications have altered the business landscape. Enterprises that do not respond to their customers on a timely basis are finding themselves the object of damaging Web discussions and, even worse, negative news headlines.

“Organizations have a significant opportunity to improve their operations and increase profitability based on their customers’ feedback,” says Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting. “Improving customer service and retaining customers should be a key goal for organizations during tough economic times. Contact center survey/feedback solutions, which provide great insights into the voice of the customer, can help to achieve this goal.”

DMG Consulting’s 2008 Contact Center Surveying/Feedback and Analytics Market Report provides an in-depth analysis of all aspects of this market, including product functionality and technology, industry trends and directions, best practices, benefits, ROI, market share, market penetration rates, the competitive landscape, a vendor customer satisfaction analysis, pricing, and company reports. The Report is an essential research aid for end users considering new purchases or upgrades. It is also ideal for vendors, investors and financial analysts who want a clear understanding of surveying/feedback market dynamics.

The 10 vendors covered at a detailed level are: Allegiance Inc., Autonomy etalk, Customer Relationship Metrics, CustomerSat, Mindshare Technologies, Ransys, RightNow Technologies, Satmetrix, United Carrier Networks, Inc. and Verint Systems, Inc. Additionally, five emerging vendors are addressed at a high level, including CallCopy, CFI Group, Confirmit, Interactive Intelligence Inc., and KnoahSoft, Inc.

To learn more about the 2008 Contact Center Surveying/Feedback and Analytics Market Report or to order a copy, go to, or contact Deborah Navarra at 516-628-1098 or

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