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Hosted Contact Center Recording and Quality Management: Doing it Right! (Whitepaper)

Hosted Contact Center Recording and Quality Management: Doing it Right!

By Donna Fluss


Contact center recording and quality management have become mission critical requirements, driven by legislation, security concerns and litigious customers in North America and many countries in Western Europe. The increasing demand for these solutions is also being fueled by a growing interest in improving the customer experience. This goal can be achieved only when organizations use information contained in customer communications to obtain actionable insights into customer behavior and satisfaction. Most companies appreciate the importance of recording 100 percent of customer transactions in order to check them to see if agents are adhering to internal policies and procedures. An increasing percentage of companies also appreciate the value of speech analytics which helps uncover customer needs, wants and trends hidden in customer conversations. Hosted recording and quality management solutions have emerged during the last two years. They give companies a cost effective alternative that can be implemented more rapidly than purchased solutions. This white paper addresses these trends and provides a roadmap to ensure success with a hosted recording/quality management application. It also presents criteria that will help you decide if hosted recording/quality assurance is right for your company.

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