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Maximizing Customer Retention: A Blueprint for Successful Contact Centers (Whitepaper)

Maximizing Customer Retention: A Blueprint for Successful Contact Centers

By Donna Fluss


In an era of intense competition, the customer experience is often the main differentiator between commoditized products and services. Once a sale is complete, the contact center is an enterprise’s primary touch point with its customers, whether they are consumers or other businesses. When a company knows what their customers want and responds with a consistently excellent customer experience, they create loyal and profitable relationships.

The best loyalty programs proactively analyze customer behavior in order to identify and address at-risk customers before they defect. However, when the loyalty program is not successful, it is usually up to the contact center to “save” the customer. Effective customer retention programs are enabled by customer relationship management (CRM) and analytics solutions. Formal and informal contact centers need these underlying systems in order to serve as the last line of defense for businesses of all sizes – small, mid-market and enterprise – that are threatened with losing their customers to competitors.

This white paper is a blueprint for building a successful contact center customer retention program. It provides strategies and tactics for companies of all sizes to employ in developing an effective approach that will yield high financial returns.