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Practical Guide to Speech Recognition (Whitepaper)

Practical Guide to Speech Recognition

By Donna Fluss


Speech Recognition is a technology that, when used properly, empowers enterprises to decrease costs and increase revenue. While the technology is ready for prime time, widespread adoption continues to be delayed by limited availability of user interface and scripting expertise. The ROI from Speech Recognition is very compelling for customer-facing, business-to-business and business-to-employee environments. Self-service is increasingly in demand and Speech Recognition provides a proven solution for most business needs.

This paper is a practical guide for business managers considering the ben- ets, challenges and opportunities for speech recognition. It explores the many applications and uses of speech recognition for enterprises, both in and out of contact centers. The paper explains the technology, presents its value proposition and ROI with case studies, assesses the risks and warns
of the pitfalls to avoid. The potential benets of the current generation of speech recognition applications far outweigh the risks, as long as the project is properly implemented and well managed.

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