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Self-Service: Putting Customers First Makes You a Winner (Whitepaper)

Self-Service: Putting Customers First Makes You a Winner

By Donna Fluss


Senior executives, call center leaders and IT and operations managers are now paying a great deal of attention to self-service applications because of their ability to drive enterprise and call center effectiveness. Investments in self-service technologies have skyrocketed during the past two years, as companies large and small have built or enhanced their Web and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) self-service applications. More than one company has recently contacted me to ask for assistance in building a zero-footprint call center. This is an interesting concept where an organization uses self-service automation to replace live agents. While the overall value of zero-footprint service centers is debatable, the need to reduce operating expenses is clear.

Enterprises are looking for ways to cut costs. Self-service applications are a proven method for achieving this essential corporate goal. A well executed self- service strategy that prioritizes customer needs can enhance the customer experience and speed problem resolution and order placement while reducing costs.

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