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2015 - 2016 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report

The eighth annual edition of DMG Consulting's Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report provides an in-depth analysis of all aspects of this highly competitive, dynamic and fast-growing IT sector. This 570-page Report is recognized world-wide as the most thorough, detailed and in-depth analysis of the cloud-based contact center infrastructure market. The Report provides contact center and IT managers with all the vendor, product, functional, technical and pricing information they need to select the right cloud-based contact center infrastructure solution for their organization. This Report also contains invaluable insights into market trends and challenges, customer satisfaction with vendors, market activity and worldwide adoption, and offers implementation best practices to help users realize the greatest continuing return on their investments in cloud-based contact center infrastructure solutions.

The past 12 months have been outstanding for the cloud-based contact center infrastructure market, the best in the history of this sector. The total number of seats jumped 49.9% between August 2014 and the same period in 2015. This increase shows the pattern of steady and strong growth that is expected to continue for the next five years. Worldwide adoption of cloud-based contact center infrastructure has risen from 2.2% in 2008 to 11.1% in August 2015. Companies are moving their contact centers to the cloud to realize the flexibility, agility, scalability and cost benefits of this implementation model. The new seats are coming from competitive replacements of dated on-premise solutions and a growing number of first-time users who are attracted to the cloud-based model, with its low start-up costs and ready availability of experienced vendor resources to assist with implementations and ongoing operations.

There is great momentum in all aspects of the cloud-based contact center infrastructure solutions market. The 150+ cloud-based contact center vendors are bringing a great deal of innovation, creativity and expertise to the market, giving enterprises a large and growing number of options. The platforms have improved tremendously, and vendors are starting to deliver 99.999% reliability. Contact center departments in most verticals, including financial services, which has been one of the holdouts, have started to adopt cloud-based contact center infrastructure. Global demand for cloud-based private branch exchange (PBX) and contact center solutions has created new opportunities for carriers. A company looking to establish regional presence in many countries can now set up offices without having to hire resources and telephony systems. This is making cloud-based contact center infrastructure solutions attractive not only to the small and mid-sized early adopters, but also for large and multi-national companies.

Cloud-based contact center solutions are not a perfect fit for every organization, and there remain compelling reasons for companies to purchase premise-based contact center infrastructure solutions. Enterprises of all sizes, however, need to be able to respond rapidly to changing market conditions and customer needs. During the next 5 years, DMG expects hybrid operating environments to emerge as the preferred deployment method for enterprises, with some systems in the cloud and others remaining on-premise. As more innovation comes from the nimbler cloud-based contact center infrastructure vendors, businesses will increasingly look to acquire solutions from these providers, especially when they are challenged by financial, resource or time constraints.

With so many factors in its favor, the future of the cloud-based contact center infrastructure market looks very bright. DMG projects that the number of cloud-based contact center infrastructure seats will grow by 30% in 2015, 25% in 2016 and 2017, and 20% in 2018 and 2019. At the same time, the breadth and depth of these solutions will increase, growing the rate of revenue faster than the seat count.

The 2015 – 2016 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report covers 11 vendors, 10 in-depth and one at a high level. The vendors that fully met DMG's report participation criteria are and are covered in-depth are: 3CLogic, 8x8, Connect First, Content Guru, Five9, inContact, Intelecom, Interactive Intelligence, LiveOps and NewVoiceMedia. Even though they meet many of the Report participation criteria, Enghouse is covered at a higher level, due to their business model. The inclusion of market-leading vendors as well as contenders gives readers an appreciation of the range of cloud-based contact center infrastructure offerings, along with each vendor's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and pricing. The Report also includes a comprehensive Vendor Directory that lists all known providers of cloud-based systems and applications for contact centers and customer service organizations.

Report Highlights

  • Cloud-based contact center infrastructure has hit its stride on a global basis: The market continues to be strong and growing in North America and Western Europe, particularly in the UK. Germany, Japan, China, and The Philippines are also showing strong interest in cloud-based contact center infrastructure solutions.
  • The past 12 months have been the best in the history of this sector: The number of cloud-based contact center infrastructure seats rose 49.9% over the last year, from 1,302,788 to 1,953,249.
  • A vast competitive landscape: With an estimated 150+ competitors vying for business world-wide, the cloud-based contact center infrastructure sector is a buyer's market, although DMG expects consolidation to begin during the next 2 years.
  • A majority of customers are satisfied with their cloud-based solutions: 90.8% of customers are satisfied, highly satisfied, or completely satisfied with their cloud-based contact center infrastructure solution, based on the findings from DMG's 2015 customer satisfaction study. This year saw great improvement is system availability and reliability, demonstrating that the leading competitors have learned how to deliver compelling and reliable solutions.

Key Reasons to Buy This Report

  • Overview of cloud-based/hosted contact center infrastructure technology, architecture and core applications
  • Examination of the underlying technologies used in cloud-based contact center solutions, including the multi-tenancy, integration and security capabilities of the 10 featured solutions
  • Analysis of the market trends and challenges that are driving technical and functional innovation, usability and market adoption
  • A review of the recent and planned innovation in the cloud-based/hosted contact center infrastructure market, including new functionality that has recently been introduced, and what is planned to be delivered in the next 12 – 18 months
  • Analysis of the workforce optimization (WFO) capabilities that are offered in cloud-based contact center infrastructure solutions
  • Review of key contact center infrastructure reporting requirements, including historical, real-time and dashboards, as well as criteria for evaluating the solutions' reporting capabilities
  • Discussion of how cloud-based contact center infrastructure can support multi-channel/omni-channel customer engagement strategies
  • Introduction to the emerging and critically important world of customer journey analytics
  • Comprehensive analysis of the outbound capabilities included in the leading and contending cloud-based/hosted contact center infrastructure solutions, including dialing modes, campaign management, proactive customer care and compliance features
  • A guide for contact center compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • Cloud-based contact center infrastructure market share analysis, adoption rate, and 5-year projections
  • Examination of the cloud-based contact center infrastructure competitive landscape, including vendor categories, market leadership criteria and a market overview
  • Company, financial, strategy and product overviews of the 11 leading and contending vendors
  • In-depth reviews and side-by-side comparative analyses of the key functional and technical capabilities of the 10 featured cloud-based infrastructure solutions
  • Implementation guide, including time frames, resources, training, best practices, return on investments (ROI), support, license management and service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Findings from a comprehensive vendor satisfaction survey that measures and ranks vendor approval ratings across 22 product components and 12 vendor categories
  • Detailed pricing analysis for leading and contending cloud-based contact center infrastructure vendors
  • Detailed company reports for 11 leading and contending cloud-based contact center infrastructure providers, analyzing their products, functionality and future product development plans
  • Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Vendor Directory

Table of Contents

Sample Figure: Cloud Based Contact Center Solutions

Sample Figure:  Cloud Based Contact Center Solutions

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