2016-2017 Speech Analytics Market Report and Consulting Services

2016 was the year of speech analytics. The market grew by 30.1% as enterprises large and small, in all verticals and in many countries, have adopted this “must-have” strategic solution. Real-time speech analytics is also ready for “prime time,” and is vying for large-scale adoption and acceptance.

A question of when, not why, to buy

Speech analytics has crossed over to become a must-have solution that supplies organizations with customer and prospect insights and opportunities, helps companies comply with regulatory requirements and improve productivity, all while enhancing the customer experience and journey. Speech analytics is also essential for contact centers, where it should be used to improve a company’s bottom line and brand. It is the best tool for determining which agents are adhering to the internal and external requirements and regulations of collections, sales and service contact centers. From a regulatory perspective, speech analytics eliminates surprises and arms executives with the data they need to ensure compliance with the proliferation of legislation around the world, which is expected to become even more restrictive. There is no other application in the market that delivers the same or similar benefits for the companies that use industry best practices to optimize their implementations.

Over a decade of experience in this market sector

The 2016 – 2017 Speech Analytics Product and Market Report, our 11th edition, provides technical and operational guidance so that end users know where and how to use speech analytics to realize the greatest benefits for their organization. The Report covers the leading and contending vendors: Calabrio, CallMiner, NICE, SESTEK, Verint, Voci and ZOOM International. DMG initiated coverage of SESTEK and Voci in this year's Report. We are also covering inContact's emerging speech analytics solution. This Report is designed to help contact center, sales, marketing, collections and enterprise leaders, managers and executives in small, mid-sized and large companies select the right solution, functionality and partner to meet their organization's current and future speech analytics needs.

Key elements of this Report are:

  • Explanation of how speech analytics works, including a description of the functional building blocks that comprise leading speech analytics solutions and the underlying speech engines
  • Service delivery models and deployment options for speech analytics solutions: on-premise, cloud-based and managed service
  • Market and business trends and challenges driving investments in speech analytics solutions
  • Speech analytics product innovation, including a review of recently introduced functionality and what is planned for the next 12 – 18 months
  • Examination of how speech analytics is helping companies address the top contact center servicing initiatives for 2016
  • Discussion of analytics-enabled quality assurance (AQA) and how it can improve agent performance, customer satisfaction and enhance the performance of the contact center
  • Explanation of how real-time speech analytics solutions are increasing agent and customer engagement while reducing risk
  • Speech analytics market activity and market share analysis, adoption rate, and 5-year projections
  • Review and assessment of the speech analytics competitive landscape
  • Overview of the 8 leading and contending speech analytics vendors, including company snapshots, product overviews, packaged solutions and other analytics offerings
  • In-depth technical and functional review and side-by-side comparative analyses of the key functional and technical capabilities of the 7 featured speech analytics solutions
  • Speech analytics benefits, uses and return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • Vendor implementation analysis, including a review of the implementation process, training, professional services, service and support, and vendor best practices to optimize success
  • Comprehensive vendor satisfaction survey results that measure and rank vendor approval ratings across 20 product components and 10 vendor categories
  • Detailed pricing comparison and analysis for on-premise, cloud-based and managed service speech analytics solutions
  • Detailed product reports for the 8 leading and contending speech analytics solution providers, analyzing their products, functionality and future product development plans
  • Speech Analytics Vendor Directory

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