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Social Media: Guide for Building a Customer Support Strategy (Whitepaper)

Social Media: Guide for Building a Customer Support Strategy

By Donna Fluss


Few phenomena have generated as much interest and hype over the last several years as social media. Social media are not a new way of doing business, but rather they represent an alternative approach; utilizing the Internet, a single posting or broadcast can be sent around the world almost instantaneously. No one is in charge and no one owns the conversation. And once a thought has gone “social” it cannot be retracted. Social media have been around in one form or another since the Internet emerged, but many public and private organizations are just beginning to appreciate their impact and potential. From a customer service perspective, social media have the ability to alter a company’s reputation, brand and bottom line.

People are talking about a company, its products, services and even its politics on social media sites, whether the company elects to constructively engage or not. Since social media are here to stay, DMG Consulting strongly recommends that all organizations ride the wave and develop a customer service social media strategy that allows organizations to leverage this communications channel to create a favorable impression and build their brand.

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