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The Intimate Connection Between Customer Satisfaction and ROI (Whitepaper)

The Intimate Connection Between Customer Satisfaction and ROI

By Donna Fluss


Speech recognition offers one of the highest proven Returns on Investment (ROI) in the contact center market place. Almost any enterprise that uses live agents to handle repetitive tasks will realize a six to 12 month payback from a speech recognition investment.

Speech recognition has traditionally been considered a contact center productivity tool. Today, it not only improves productivity inside and outside of contact centers, but is also generating revenue for companies — it’s the most compelling form of customer self-service. Speech is one of the few investments that help companies simultaneously reduce expenses, increase profits and satisfy customers.

Speech recognition technology and best practices are proven, enabling companies in all industries to benefit from its many capabilities. The hard-dollar benefits coming from productivity enhancements, cost reduction, cost avoidance and revenue generation are quantifiable and easily benchmarked.

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