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The IT Cultural Shift Created by Hosted Contact Center Infrastructure

The IT Cultural Shift Created by Hosted Contact Center Infrastructure

The IT Cultural Shift Created by Hosted Contact Center Infrastructure

By Donna Fluss
Interactive Intelligence

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The hosting/cloud computing revolution has major ramifications for IT and telecom groups. It is driving changes in the mix of skills needed by IT personnel; specifically, technical managers need to be more business savvy and better able to deal collegially with their business partners. While this transformation will be difficult for many IT groups, it should benefit the enterprise, as it will help IT better understand and align themselves with their business colleagues. This was not a planned goal of hosting, but it will turn out to be one of the overarching benefits for many organizations.

Hosting also changes the composition of the work performed by IT, and therefore the required expertise. Here are some of the changes that enterprises experience when they adopt hosted/cloud-based contact center solutions:

  • Demands more strategic thinking about the planned use of contact center solutions
  • Requires fewer on-site IT resources to maintain the telephony and contact center environment
  • Reduces the need for in-house contact center technical expertise and specialists in areas such as computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • Requires fewer IT resources to maintain and upgrade the contact center servers
  • Requires fewer IT resources to perform database administration
  • Requires fewer telecom resources to handle contact center moves/adds/changes
  • Increases the need for IT to function in a consultative manner to ensure that the business receives the functionality it needs on a timely basis
  • Increases importance of third-party integrations and the need to oversee the integrated applications
  • Requires careful monitoring and management of service level agreements

Companies that have migrated to hosted contact center solutions still need IT expertise, but instead of being dependent upon in-house staff to install, maintain and upgrade their applications, IT staff is needed to ensure that the business gets the resources required to meet their goals on a consistent and timely basis.

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