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The Service Differentiator (Whitepaper)

The Service Differentiator

By Donna Fluss



The business landscape has been drastically altered by rapid technical innovation in the last 10 years. We are building networks, sharing information, and conducting transactions at ever- increasing speed. The Internet, mobile devices, and other communications technologies have drawn the worldwide business community together, obliterating differences of geography and time zones.

Meanwhile, most of us are struggling
to see how all of this innovation has improved the quality of customer service. Sure, customers can transact business in real-time from anywhere around the world, but the standard of service has not kept up with technological progress or the growing need for immediate grati- fication. It doesn’t have to be this way. Enterprises can use new technologies such as IP, XML, Web services, and SIP to deliver outstanding proactive service to all constituents—customers, partners, suppliers and employees—to engage them in new and exciting ways.

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