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What are the questions most frequently asked in a call center agent interview?

What are the questions most frequently asked in a call center agent interview?


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What are the questions most frequently asked in a call center agent interview?


The primary objective of the interview is to determine how well a candidate’s personality, abilities and prior experience match the skill-set requirements of a particular call center environment. Since there are many types of call centers and many different skills required for the various functions within them, there is no “one size fits all” approach to interview questions. The type of questions asked in an interview for an inbound service call center environment may be very different from the questions asked of a candidate for an outbound sales environment, an at-home agent, or even a multi-channel (phone, chat, email) contact center agent.

Abilities commonly sought after in interviewing candidates for all types of call centers are communication skills, ability to adhere to structured work schedules, ability to accept and embrace change, and ability to improve performance based upon coaching and teamwork.

The interview process itself can vary greatly between organizations. Some call centers use a competency-based online assessment tool to evaluate candidates as part of the hiring process. Many organizations conduct the initial interview on the phone, while others use a simulation tool that mimics an actual customer service environment to evaluate a candidate’s ability to perform in “real-life” situations. Behavior-based questions are another common method for interviewing candidates. These are open-ended questions that require the candidate to provide specific examples of a time when they demonstrated ability in a particular skill, or had experience in dealing with situations that are likely to occur frequently in the call center.

How candidates should prepare for the interview

Call centers typically develop an ideal candidate profile that establishes standards for skills, aptitude, education level, and pertinent work experience. Candidates are required to meet or exceed the performance and quality goals that have been established based on these criteria. A good way to prepare for a call center interview is to carefully review the list of skills and qualifications set forth in the job description. Then identify specific situations from your previous work experience that will demonstrate your ability to meet those requirements and translate effectively into the environment where you are applying to work.