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Best Practices for Optimising Contacts with Blended Diallers (Whitepaper)

Best Practices for Optimising Contacts with Blended Diallers

By Donna Fluss



Outbound dialling can be a highly effective method of reaching customers, prospects, charitable donors, etc. Today, outbound dialling is no longer just about phone calls. Instead, it’s about using multiple channels to cost effectively reach and engage a target audience in their channel of choice, be it phone, email, text, fax, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It’s been a challenging ten years for the outbound market. Legislation to eliminate nuisance calls slowed outbound activity and discouraged legacy dialling vendors from making investments in their solutions. However, end users still needed to use diallers to achieve legitimate and appropriate business goals. Unfortunately, their options were limited, as many of the outbound diallers were relics of the past.

The recent emergence of cloud-based contact centre infrastructure solutions has altered the competitive landscape, giving end users innovative choices. There is now a new breed of multi-channel dialling solutions designed to accommodate the demands of today’s socially empowered generation. The better solutions are architected from the ground up as inbound/outbound/blended platforms. They also have sophisticated campaign management capabilities that identify the right channel, right time, right message, right technique and even the right agent to handle the interaction. This white paper presents three vital capabilities that are enhancing the world of outbound dialling.

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