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DMG Consulting is the recognized leading publisher of comprehensive industry research reports covering a range of topics that address: contact center, back-office, artificial intelligence (AI), automation and analytics. Designed to help executives and managers make informed technology purchase decisions and the financial community make effective investment choices, these reports analyze vendors, product capabilities, competitive landscape, market share, projections, ROI, user satisfaction, market trends, etc., as well as provide best practices for optimizing investments.

2022 Worldwide Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Share Report

This Report provides in-depth analysis of the market trends in the rapidly transforming and dynamic cloud-based contact center infrastructure sector. Flexibility and adaptability are fueling waves of innovation throughout the contact center software market.

Price: $3,900

2022 – 2023 AI-Enabled Self-Service for the Enterprise Report

The Report provides an in-depth analysis of the capabilities and versatility of AI-based IVAs and VAs and their contributions to enterprises and their customers.

Price: $4,300

2022 – 2023 Workforce Management for the Enterprise Report

The Workforce Management for the Enterprise report presents an in-depth analysis of the contact center WFM market, the competitive landscape, vendors, product suites, technology and innovation.

Price: $4,300

The State of Artificial Intelligence in Contact Centers

This report analyzes how artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied to transform the customer experience (CX), drive a new era in servicing, and significantly improve the performance of contact centers.

Price: $4,300

2021-2022 Workforce Optimization/ Workforce Engagement Management Product and Market Report

This report presents an in-depth analysis of the trends, competitive landscape, product suites, technology and innovation in this vital contact center sector.

Price: $4,300

2021 Workforce Optimization / Workforce Engagement Management Mid-Year Market Share Report

This report provides a thorough review of this vital technology sector. The Report delivers a detailed analysis of the revenue, market share and performance of this market and its competitors.

Price: $4,300

2021 – 2022 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Product and Market Report

This report continues DMG’s comprehensive analysis of all aspects of this dynamic sector. The Report examines the competitive landscape and the business, market and technology trends driving this fast-growing and increasingly vital IT segment.

Price: $4,300

2021 – 2022 Robotic Process Automation Product and Market Report

This report provides an in-depth and timely analysis of the RPA market, competitive landscape, technology, products, functional capabilities, and the servicing and market trends that are driving adoption and innovation.

Price: $4,300

2021 Contact Center Workforce Optimization Market Share Report

This report analyzes the revenue, market share and performance of the estimated 36 worldwide workforce optimization (WFO) suite vendors for fiscal full-year 2020.

Price: $4,300

2021-2022 Interaction Analytics Product and Market Report

This report features seven vendors who offer an interaction analytics solution as part of a broader WFO offering or as a best-of-breed solution.

Price: $4,300

Contact Centers in a Post-Pandemic World: A Strategic and Tactical Guide to the Future

This special edition report is a valuable collection of best practices, innovative technology, agile management practices, work-at-home policies and more.

Price: $4,300

Future Contact Center Outlook, 2025 – 2040

This report focuses on three pillars of contact center technology: infrastructure, customer relationship management (CRM) and workforce optimization (WFO), as well as many of the systems and applications that fall into these categories.

Price: $4,300

2020-2021 Digital Customer Service Product and Market Report

This report provides in-depth coverage of the digital servicing market. It analyzes vendors, products, functional capabilities, pricing, as well as market, business and servicing trends and challenges.

Price: $4,300

2019 Call Tracking Product Report

This report provides a thorough and comprehensive analysis of this niche IT sector, which is increasing in importance as a result of the digital transformation that is taking place in organizations around the world.

Price: $4,300

2018 Knowledge Management Product and Market Report

This report thoroughly analyzes this mature yet reemerging IT sector: the vendors, their offerings, the functional capabilities of the knowledge management (KM) solutions, best practices, product pricing, and more.

Price: $4,300

2016 – 2017 Outbound Solutions Product and Market Report

This report analyzes the competitive landscape and provides insights into customer satisfaction with vendors, and presents implementation best practices to help users realize the greatest continuing return on their technology investments.

Price: $4,300