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DMG offers a wide range of customized consulting engagements to assist companies in achieving business, contact center, back-office and customer experience goals. Our role is to partner with you to develop strategies and tactics that improve the customer experience while reducing operating costs, optimizing employee productivity and engagement, transforming policies and procedures, and enhancing the way you use technology. We will help you increase revenue and profits while cultivating a loyal customer base. Here are a few of our proven consulting offerings, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we’ll create it for you.

Service Offerings

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AI Strategy and System Selection

Understand your CX and contact center AI goals, operation and culture, and existing systems to develop an AI strategy and/or recommend the right AI-based solutions to enable your company to deliver great service cost-effectively.

  • Deliverable: AI strategy and a roadmap with phases, milestones, resources, and time frames to implement the strategy within your organization. May also include recommended AI-enabled solutions to help deliver on your strategy

Enterprise Servicing Strategy

Understand current and future goals, regulatory and operational environments, and culture to develop an enterprise servicing strategy that positions your company to deliver a customized and differentiated service experience.

  • Deliverable: Servicing strategy and a roadmap with phases, milestones, activities, resources and time frames to implement the strategy within your organization

Customer Journey Strategy

Analyze front- and back-office operating departments and identify transformational opportunities to enhance the customer experience, reduce operating costs, and increase employee engagement by breaking down silos.

  • Deliverable: Servicing strategy and a roadmap with phases, milestones, activities, resources and time frames to implement the strategy within your organization

Contact Center/Back-Office Operational and Technology Assessment, Optimization and Recommendations

Analyze and evaluate current operating environment; identify ways to improve performance, enhance the customer journey and cut costs. Focus can be on contact center, back office, or the entire customer experience from front to back, to optimize the entire journey.

  • Deliverable: Project plan with actionable recommendations that will help you transform your organization, reduce operating costs by up to 20%, and enhance customer and employee satisfaction

Contact Center Technology Roadmap

Gain an understanding of your enterprise and contact center servicing goals, operation and culture, and then evaluate your existing infrastructure and identify gaps and opportunities for technology improvements, enhancements, optimization and new applications

  • Deliverable: Technology gap analysis and roadmap that identifies and prioritizes system investments to help you meet current and future requirements; includes three vendor recommendations for each new system and application

Technology and Vendor Selection

Identify the right contact center as a service (CCaaS), workforce engagement management (WEM), customer relationship management (CRM), artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies, systems and applications for your environment.

  • Deliverable: Functional and technical requirements document, request for information and proposal (RFI/RFP), business case, comparative functional and pricing analyses; DMG is also available to run the selection process for you or partner with purchasing, assist with vendor negotiations, and finalizing the contract

Unified Communications and Contact Center Architecture

Design a UC and contact center strategy and architecture based on your unique environment and needs.

  • Deliverable: “As is” analysis, functional and technical requirements document, product and vendor recommendations and proposed acquisition model, conceptual design, RFP, business case; run the selection process, develop support model and implementation roadmap; DMG is also available to assist with vendor negotiations and finalizing the contract

Business Cases, Return on Investment (ROI) and Cost Models

Build effective business cases to cost-justify investments for your operating environment. Size the initiative, estimate budget for the investment, identify cost savings, and calculate the ROI and cost models.

  • Deliverable: Document presenting the business argument for the investment, ROI and cost models, along with an analysis of the benefits of the initiative.

Project Plans for Contact Center, UC and Back-Office Implementations, Mergers, Consolidations

Open up a new contact center or back-office environment, implement new systems or transition existing ones, consolidate operations, or streamline after a merger or acquisition.

  • Deliverable: Project plan with milestones, steps, time frames, dependencies and resources required for success; DMG is also available to provide project management resources to ensure on-budget and on-time delivery

Speech Analytics Effectiveness Workshop

Improve the return on your speech analytics investment by learning how to capture speech analytics findings and apply them more effectively in your business.

  • Deliverable: 4- to 6-day workshop, including interviews, focus group sessions, on-site training, critiques and enhancement of reporting packages

Conversational AI (CAI)/Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) Self-Service

Increase utilization of your self-service solutions, enhance the CX and reduce operating costs by transitioning from an IVR to a conversational AI-based system.

  • Deliverable: Identify appropriate CAI/IVA vendors, work with 1 or 2 providers to identify customer intents for your operating environment, build a business case and financial justification for the investment, and draft the implementation plan; DMG is also available to project manage the CAI/IVA solution implementation

Quality Management (QM)/Automated QM (AQM) Programs

Select and implement an AQM solution to enable your contact center to evaluate up to 100% of voice and digital interactions; build and roll-out an effective AQM program.

  • Deliverable: Selection of an AQM solution, project management of the system selection, development and implementation of the AQM program

Enhance your current QM initiative or build one customized to address your organization’s needs and culture.

  • Deliverable: Kick-off presentation, project goals document, omnichannel monitoring/evaluation forms, calibration sessions, evaluation criteria, determining frequency of evaluations, training QM/supervisors to perform evaluations and coach agents, and program roll-out to staff

Outsourcing (onshore, near-shore and offshore)

Determine whether or not outsourcing would be beneficial for your organization, and select an appropriate location and outsourcer.

  • Deliverable: Financial and operational feasibility analysis addressing financial benefits, socioeconomic factors and cultural issues; RFP/requirements document addressing operational and technical needs; DMG will conduct the selection process, prepare functional, technical and cost analyses, and participate in vendor negotiations to establish service level agreements and finalize contracts


Convert from a reactive, cost-oriented service environment to an engaged, real-time, profit-oriented contact center by arming your staff with the knowledge and tools they need to be successful. Training is available in the following areas: new agent training, sales training, communications training, time management training, complaint/dispute management training, and more.

  • Deliverable: Training programs to teach and motivate agents to deliver an outstanding customer experience, employ communications skills, sell and generate revenue for your organization, and more

Rapid ROI Program

Rapidly identify the business and financial benefits of potential technology and process investments to improve and optimize the performance of your contact center or back-office department.

  • Deliverable: 3-day engagement; ROI model and a list of recommendations for achieving high-impact operational and customer benefits

Digital Contact Center

Build or transition to a digital contact center that may/may not also handle voice interactions.

  • Deliverable: Analysis of requirements or existing environment to build a project plan with phases, milestones, activities, resources and timeframes to implement a digital contact center; identification and selection of required systems and applications; development of policies and procedures; project manage and implement the digital contact center
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