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2023-2024 Enterprise Workforce Engagement Management Product and Market Report

Published December 11, 2023
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is influencing and changing how companies interact with their customers and employees. While we’re still in the initial stages of applying AI, it’s already demonstrating its contributions to improving the customer and employee experience (CX and EX). AI is going to dramatically alter and reenergize the service world and drive new and significantly enhanced workforce engagement management (WEM) solutions that help contact centers, back-office departments, branches, and other people-intensive operations achieve their goals and enable their companies to deliver a new level of CX. It’s clear that organizations need WEM solutions now more than ever.

It’s a very exciting and opportune time for WEM solutions. While the number of standalone WEM vendors has decreased due to acquisitions by contact center as a service (CCaaS) providers, the need for WEM applications and tools that elevate the CX, engage and empower employees, deliver actionable insights to enterprise managers, and improve contact center quality and productivity has never been greater. This is where the newly reimagined WEM platform comes in. WEM is evolving to meet the dynamic needs of AI-enabled enterprises and service functions. Next-gen WEM is no longer simply a suite of interrelated solutions; instead, it is transforming into a series of interoperable applications built with microservices and application programming interfaces (APIs). Underlying the applications are several foundational layers that the applications will plug into. WEM is becoming an open enterprise-grade platform of applications intended to capture, analyze, and enhance all actions performed on behalf of and for the benefit of customers in their end-to-end journey. These developments are helping to ensure a consistently outstanding and cost-effective CX.

The 2023-2024 Enterprise Workforce Engagement Management Product and Market Report analyzes 5 leading and contending vendors who are positioned to deliver the WEM platform of the future: Calabrio, Five9, NICE, OnviSource, and Verint. This Report is intended to help contact center, IT, and enterprise leaders select the optimal solutions, technology, functionality, and partner to meet their organization’s current and future WEM requirements.

Key findings

  • WEM suites are transforming into next-gen platforms that support the increasingly complex, varied, and growing requirements of contact centers and all other customer-facing departments that leverage them to improve the CX, EX, and productivity
  • Next-gen WEM platforms offer ease of integration and interoperability with third-party and proprietary operating systems; this is a major change from the closed WEM suites of the past, and it will position companies to leverage their intelligence throughout the enterprise
  • AI technology, including generative AI, is enabling key enhancements throughout WEM platforms and setting the stage for a continuous stream of practical innovation that delivers quantifiable benefits to enterprises, employees, and their customers
  • Availability of generative AI and contact center-focused and vertical-specific large language models (LLMs) is enabling new best-of-breed competitors to enter the WEM technology sector, particularly with real-time guidance, analytics-enabled quality management (AQM), and automated post-interaction summarization offerings
  • WEM solutions are better than ever; they are a critical part of providing agents with intelligent tools and automation to enable and empower them to be customer advocates, enriching their jobs and contributions to the enterprise
  • AI-enabled business intelligence applications that provide advanced dashboards, reporting, analytics, and are designed for ease of use by business leaders are becoming a core component of next-gen WEM platforms.
  • WEM redefined: an introduction to the concept of the next-gen WEM platform, including an overview of the platform’s foundational layers and the applications comprising these essential solutions
  • Market and business trends and challenges that are driving enterprise investments and influencing product development
  • WEM market innovations, including a review of recently introduced functionalities and updates planned for the next 12 – 18 months
  • Examination of how AI is transforming WEM solutions and extending their value and benefits
  • A review of fundamental WEM applications (recording, quality management, workforce management, desktop analytics, and knowledge management) and why they are critical for all people-intensive operating environments
  • How interaction analytics, AQM, and agent assist applications surface the insights needed to drive successful outcomes, revolutionize the EX, and elevate the CX while delivering quantifiable benefits
  • Discussion of how customer journey analytics, voice of the customer/surveying, and gamification provide the tools and analytics to effectively evaluate and measure the CX, drive agent behaviors that positively impact the CX, and promote employee engagement and success
  • Back-office and branch WEM capabilities and growth opportunities
  • 5-year revenue projections for 10 WEM applications
  • Review of the WEM competitive landscape, including company snapshots of the featured WEM vendors
  • Comprehensive customer satisfaction survey results that measure and rank ratings across 10 vendor categories, 8 WEM modules, and 10 product features
  • Detailed pricing analysis for a 250-seat on-premise and cloud-based WEM solution
  • Detailed company reports for the 5 featured WEM vendors, analyzing their products, functionality, and future product development plans
  • WEM Vendor Directory

DMG Consulting employs a well-defined, structured, and rigorous research methodology for all of its industry research and reports. The research process for the 2023-2024 Enterprise Workforce Engagement Management Product and Market Report:

  • Started with a comprehensive review of the worldwide WEM competitors to identify vendors that qualify for participation
  • Next, DMG Consulting created a detailed questionnaire (similar to an RFI) to gain in-depth insights into each vendor and their solutions to analyze their technology; products; functionality; security and compliance capabilities; business intelligence, reporting, and dashboards; pricing; and more
  • This was followed by a comprehensive briefing session and live product demonstration with each participating vendor to see their current generally available product and validate their questionnaire responses
  • DMG Consulting also conducted an independent survey of each WEM provider’s customers to measure end-user satisfaction with their vendor and products, including: implementation, support, professional services, training, innovation, responsiveness, and communication
  • After all the information was collected and validated for accuracy, the participating vendors and products were analyzed and critiqued
  • Analysis findings, along with information to assist enterprises in their selection process and implementation, are reflected in this industry report

Full Participants:

  • Calabrio
  • Five9
  • NICE
  • OnviSource
  • Verint
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. DMG Consulting Research Methodology
    • 3.1 Report Participation Criteria
  4. The Evolution of Workforce Engagement Management: From Suites to Platforms
    • 4.1 WEM Platform Foundational Layers
    • 4.2 WEM Platform Applications
    • 4.3 Workforce Engagement Management Vendor Platform Overview
  5. Workforce Engagement Management Trends and Challenges
    • 5.1 Workforce Engagement Management Trends
    • 5.2 Workforce Engagement Management Challenges
  6. Workforce Engagement Management Market Innovation
    • 6.1 New Features
    • 6.2 Emerging Capabilities
  7. Artificial Intelligence Transforms Workforce Engagement Management
    • 7.1 Robotic Process Automation/Intelligent Business Automation
  8. Foundational WEM Applications that Lay the Groundwork
    • 8.1 Recording
    • 8.2 Quality Management
    • 8.3 Workforce Management
    • 8.4 Desktop Analytics
    • 8.5 Knowledge Management
  9. Insights that Drive Successful Outcomes for Customers and Agents
    • 9.1 Interaction Analytics
    • 9.2 AQM
    • 9.3 Agent Assist
  10. A Measured Approach to CX and EX
    • 10.1 Customer Journey Analytics
    • 10.2 Surveying/VoC
    • 10.3 Gamification
  11. Back-Office WEM
  12. Workforce Engagement Management Projections
  13. WEM Platform Competitive Landscape and Positioning
    • 13.1 Company Snapshot
  14. High-Level Functional Summary
    • 14.1 High-Level Platform Features
    • 14.2 Security and Compliance
    • 14.3 Business Intelligence, Reporting, and Dashboards
  15. Workforce Engagement Management Vendor Satisfaction Survey
    • 15.1 Summary of Survey Findings and Analysis: Vendor Categories
      • 15.1.1 Vendor Satisfaction by Category and Customer
    • 15.2 Summary of Survey Findings and Analysis: WEM Modules
      • 15.2.1 WEM Modules Satisfaction, by Category and Customer
    • 15.3 Summary of Survey Findings and Analysis: WEM Product Features
      • 15.3.1 WEM Product Features Satisfaction, by Category and Customer
    • 15.4 Customer Background and Insights
      • 15.4.1 Departments Using Workforce Engagement Management
      • 15.4.2 Top 3 – 5 Workforce Engagement Management Strengths
      • 15.4.3 Vendor Improvements
      • 15.4.4 Additional Comments
  16. Pricing
    • 16.1 Premise-Based Pricing
    • 16.2 Pricing for a 250-Seat Cloud-Based WEM Solution
  17. Company Reports
    • 17.1 Calabrio
    • 17.2 Five9, Inc.
    • 17.3 NICE
    • 17.4 OnviSource
    • 17.5 Verint Systems

Appendix: Workforce Engagement Management Vendor Directory

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: The Next-Gen WEM Platform
  • Figure 2: Product Information
  • Figure 3: 2023 WEM Trends
  • Figure 4: 2023 WEM Challenges
  • Figure 5: New Product Features
  • Figure 6: Future Enhancements, by Category
  • Figure 7: AI Use Cases in Agent-Facing Applications
  • Figure 8: AI’s Contribution in Contact Center Systems and Applications, 2021 – 2036
  • Figure 9: Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI
  • Figure 10: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)/Intelligent Business Automation
  • Figure 11: Recording
  • Figure 12: Enhanced WFM for an Omnichannel World
  • Figure 13: Workforce Management
  • Figure 14: Desktop Analytics
  • Figure 15: Knowledge Management
  • Figure 16: Enterprise IA Solution
  • Figure 17: Interaction Analytics (IA)
  • Figure 18: Omnichannel AQM Improves Accuracy, Efficiency, and the CX/EX
  • Figure 19: Analytics-Enabled Quality Management (AQM)
  • Figure 20: Agent Assist
  • Figure 21: Agent Assist Capabilities
  • Figure 22: CJA Inputs and Findings
  • Figure 23: CJA Process
  • Figure 24: CJA Benefits
  • Figure 25: Customer Journey Analytics (CJA)
  • Figure 26: Surveying/Voice of the Customer (VoC)/CX
  • Figure 27: Benefits of Gamification
  • Figure 28: Gamification
  • Figure 29: Back-Office/Branch WEM
  • Figure 30: WEM Revenue Projections, 2023 – 2027
  • Figure 31: 2024 WEM Platform Competitive Positioning
  • Figure 32: Company Information as of August 31, 2023
  • Figure 33: High-Level Suite Characteristics
  • Figure 34: Security and Compliance
  • Figure 35: Business Intelligence, Reporting, Dashboards, and Performance Management
  • Figure 36: Customer Survey Rating Categories
  • Figure 37: Average Vendor Satisfaction Ratings, by Category
  • Figure 38: Implementation Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 39: Professional Services Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 40: Training Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 41: Ongoing Service and Support Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 42: Innovation Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 43: Responsiveness to Product Enhancement Requests Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 44: Communication Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 45: Product Pricing Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 46: Cloud Services Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 47: Overall Vendor Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 48: Average WEM Modules Satisfaction Ratings, by Category
  • Figure 49: Omnichannel Recording Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 50: Analytics-Enabled Quality Management Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 51: Workforce Management Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 52: Interaction Analytics Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 53: Surveying/VoC Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 54: Gamification Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 55: Knowledge Management Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 56: Customer Journey Analytics Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 57: Average WEM Product Features Satisfaction Ratings, by Category
  • Figure 58: Agent User Interface/Experience Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 59: Supervisor User Interface/Experience Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 60: Administration Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 61: Real-Time Capabilities Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 62: Intelligent Business Automation/Workflow Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 63: Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Reporting Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 64: Artificial Intelligence Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 65: Security Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 66: Regulatory and Compliance Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 67: Ease of Integration Satisfaction Ratings, by Customer
  • Figure 68: Departments Using WEM
  • Figure 69: Top 3 – 5 Strengths of the WEM Solution
  • Figure 70: What 3 – 5 things can your WEM vendor do better?
  • Figure 71: Additional Comments about Your Experience with the Vendor and/or Product.
  • Figure 72: Enterprise Pricing for a Single-Site, 250-Seat Contact Center; Premise-Based
  • Figure 73: Enterprise Pricing for a Single-Site, 250-Seat Cloud-Based Contact Center
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Price: $4,500

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