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Executives & Managers

We provide strategic and tactical recommendations and guidance on how to improve the customer experience (CX), grow sales and profits and increase collections by improving agility and operations, engaging and optimizing employee performance, and enhancing technology. We specialize in digital transformation initiatives and helping contact centers in private, public and educational organizations make the technology and operational changes to succeed in the era of artificial intelligence, automation and analytics. Our guidance helps executives and managers transform their contact center and back-office environments with actionable recommendations and strategies to achieve tangible, positive change. With more than 2,000 successful engagements, we are recognized for our effectiveness and quick return on investment – our work often pays for itself in as little as three months.

Solution Providers

Similarly, we work with technology and solution providers to develop products and services that help companies in their ongoing quest to deliver on the promise of customer experience excellence. DMG offers advice on everything from strategic market trends and direction, to new product design and innovation, to value-added product features and forward-thinking road maps. We help technology and solution providers design and market the products and services their users need and want to differentiate themselves in a crowded market, and position our clients to continue to innovate over time.

Investor Community

Finally, we serve the investor community with our primary research, due diligence and market analyses, designed to help them make the most informed and profitable public and private technology investment decisions. Our expertise in various IT sectors and our experience in helping develop products, strategies and leadership teams make DMG a valuable partner to the investor community.

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