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Building the Business Case for a Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution (Whitepaper)

Building the Business Case for a Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution

By Donna Fluss


The contact center infrastructure market is at an exciting inflection point. The cloud- based contact center infrastructure market is booming and accelerating, while the premise-based sector is losing momentum. End users around the world, in contact centers of all sizes and verticals, are adopting cloud-based contact center solutions (also known as automated call distributors (ACDs)), interactive voice response (IVR) systems and dialers.

IT and business managers have discovered that there are many advantages to cloud- based contact center solutions. The financial benefits alone can be substantial. The most common benefits for enterprises are:

1. Nocapitalinvestment
2. Lowerstart-upandintegrationcosts
3. Noupgradefees
4. Nomaintenanceexpenses
5. ReducedinternalITsupportcosts
6. Eliminationofdatacenterchargesforrent,occupancyandelectricity 7. Reducedcontactcenteroperatingcosts

While many companies are realizing a positive financial return from replacing an outdated premise-based ACD with a new cloud-based contact center solution, the business and operational benefits are also significant. Once the hardware and software are moved to the cloud, operating managers can dedicate their time and resources to using the solution to optimize the performance of their department.

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