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Question: Can contact center systems be used in other departments?


Yes; many can and should be used throughout enterprises. Contact centers have been ideal prospects for solutions such as workforce management (WFM), real-time guidance (RTG), knowledge management, and gamification because of the many agents who experience great benefits from these applications. But that doesn’t mean that they should be the only department in an organization to have an opportunity to realize measurable gains from using them.

  • WFM applications should be rolled out enterprise-wide, particularly now that the vendors are providing flexible algorithms that effectively forecast for synchronous and asynchronous transactions. 
  • Real-time guidance should be a standard application in any operating environment where employees interact with customers. These solutions listen to or read what customers are saying and help employees respond accurately to a request with little or no delay. RTG is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution and is in its early days, but it’s only going to get better as these applications learn to discern and properly respond to more intents. 
  • Knowledge management solutions provide a single and standardized source for enterprise information, giving all employees (and self-service solutions) one place to look for the right answers. 
  • Gamification solutions have something for everyone, e.g., contests against other employees, or self-challenges that don’t involve others, quizzes, games, and much more. Gamification applications can be made available to anyone in a department, providing the recognition and appreciation for a job well done that most employees want. 

Workforce optimization/workforce engagement management applications can be as effective in departments throughout an organzation as they are in contact centers. These applications have been used to enhance the performance of contact centers for decades and should be deployed for all enterprise employees where productivity, employee engagement, and the CX matter.