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Contact Center Gamification: Let the Games Begin (Whitepaper)

Contact Center Gamification: Let the Games Begin

By Donna Fluss


Gamification is an emerging application that has captured the attention of managers, employees and customers. Based on the art and behavioral science of gaming, gamification applications are starting to catch on and are being incorporated into internal production environments and customer-facing websites to engage and retain employees and customers. Apparently, people of all demographics enjoy playing games, particularly when it makes routine tasks or work more interesting. The concept and practice of using challenges, such as achieving reward levels, as a technique for engaging people has been around for years. Airlines, retailers and credit card companies, for example, have successfully used reward programs to build customer loyalty. What’s new is the developing market of packaged gamification solutions that provide companies with a framework, development environment and tools, and possibly a portal to use to create their own customized programs.

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