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Could you explain what VDI is and why IT keeps telling us that we should implement this technology in our contact center?


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Could you explain what VDI is and why IT keeps telling us that we should implement this technology in our contact center?


Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a technology that allows end users’ desktop environments (operating system, applications and security profile) to be separated from their physical computing devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc). When VDI is used, the end user’s desktop environment is hosted on a virtual machine that runs on a centralized server located in a data center. End users can access their VDI desktop environment from any computing device that has access to their network. VDI technology is increasingly recommended for enterprise deployments because it reduces the time, effort and cost required to build, deploy and maintain individual computing devices.

Below is a list of common benefits that can be realized from using VDI in your contact center:

  • VDI image – Organizations can create various VDI images to address the needs of different types of users in the contact center. Each image has its own applications and security features. In addition, contact center personnel can be given administrator access to manage the images, reducing their dependence on IT.
  • Security – VDI provides organization with greater security control over desktops because security rules are applied from a centralized server hosted in the data center. Security teams have to apply changes only once, and they are automatically applied to end user’s VDI images. These rules can be used to prevent end users from connecting external devices such as jump-drives to collect sensitive information or copying data from the VDI image to a local machine. Also, any sensitive data that might be collected while servicing customers is stored and encrypted on the host servers in the data center, not on local PCs.
  • Desktop management – VDI allows organizations to centrally manage their desktop environment and control what applications are being installed and used on the PC. Upgrades and new software can be deployed quickly because the process is happening only on the centralized servers within the data centers, not the individual PCs.
  • Remote access – Contact center personal can access their VDI image from any network-accessible location (home, remote office, mobile, etc.) using devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and personal computers.
  • Desk sharing and hoteling – Organizations can maximize their operational space by allowing agents to share any PC or workspace within the contact center and have access to their specific applications and security profile