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CRM + ACD = Personalized Service (Whitepaper)

CRM + ACD = Personalized Service

By Donna Fluss



The customer relationship management (CRM) system and the automatic call distributor (ACD) or dialer (for outbound), are the two most essential applications in a contact center. The ACD or dialer manages the flow of incoming and outgoing interactions. The CRM system tracks customer activities and everything the organization does to build and enhance the relationship.

After close to 20 years of independence, the worlds of CRM and ACD are coming together, enabling companies to deliver a personalized and highly differentiated service experience. When these two core contact center systems are fully integrated, they improve the customer journey by adding context to every interaction. This enrichment process enables companies to determine the ideal way of handling all inbound and outbound interactions (calls, email, faxes, chat sessions, SMS, social media, etc.). And in the process, it optimizes service, the customer journey, handling speed and cost, which are the primary goals for most contact centers.

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