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Generative AI Shakes Up the CX Market

We’re all hearing about ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard,, DALL-E, Rytr, and other generative AI technologies. According to the hype, solutions enabled by generative AI are either going to make the world a better place or replace the need for human employees. These are two extremes that are both unlikely to happen. However, generative AI is ushering in an era of massive and rapid innovations. Like most disruptive technologies, they can be used with good or bad intentions, and as is typically the case, both are likely to happen.

There is no stopping the generative AI revolution, as the momentum and adoption of these technologies have already surpassed all predictions. The question is how companies should get on board and responsibly leverage it for the benefit of their employees, customers, and brand. Generative AI’s potential contributions are so great that everyone from grade-school teachers to the military are utilizing it to see what it can do for them. It is delivering on many of its promises, and in some cases, it’s exceeding expectations. But like many innovations throughout history, it comes with risks. 

Some of generative AI’s founders and other industry leaders are urgently calling on governments worldwide to regulate the use of the technology they created, for fear of it spiraling out of control. Many countries are taking steps to put regulations in place, but for the time being, companies need to figure out how to use it for their benefit, with the necessary oversight to control what it is does. 

As generative AI is reliant on a large language model (LLM), companies that want to use this technology and/or embed it in other systems need procedures to ensure that their data repositories contain information that is appropriate for their customers. This means that enterprises need LLMs that are properly targeted, tagged, and curated for their specific uses. 
Customer experience (CX) organizations are target-rich environments in which to employ generative AI. This technology is already being used to enhance many systems and applications utilized in customer service, contact center, and self-service environments. While it has proven to be very easy to get started with generative AI, not every solution released to the market is appropriate for every organization. For these reasons, DMG Consulting is researching some of the recently released CX-oriented products leveraging generative AI. We’re going to review these solutions and address their practical uses for contact centers and customer service organizations. We’ll provide insights into what these solutions do and how they can benefit today’s CX organizations in DMG’s special report on Generative AI Solutions for Contact Centers and Customer Service.