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Guide to Contact Center Reporting (Whitepaper)

Guide to Contact Center Reporting

By Donna Fluss



For over 30 years, companies have been complaining about the “horrible” and ineffective reports they receive from their automatic call distributor (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR) vendors. The grievances fall into many categories, but a few of the more common ones are the lack of complete and accurate “cradle-to-grave” reports, the difficulty in developing customized reports, inflexible dashboards, inability to create custom calculations, and a whole lot more. Then there are the more advanced users who want to collect data from various contact center systems into a single repository. Many of these companies would like their ACD to be the centralized database, given that it is the primary processing engine for all contact center interactions.

DMG Consulting has studied this issue for years, as the demand for complete, accurate and flexible reports and dashboards is a reasonable one. In a 2013 worldwide survey of contact center leaders, half of the respondents indicated that obtaining enhanced reports was a top goal. And in a January 2015 survey, 36.3%, more than a third of enterprise executives who responded, identified the need for enhanced reports from their contact center. Contact center leaders and enterprise executives should have access to informative and actionable reports that give them the data they need to manage effectively.

This white paper presents the contact center infrastructure reporting agenda. It identifies key contact center infrastructure reporting requirements, including: historical and real-time, standard, custom and ad-hoc, the meaning of cradle-to- grave, data retention requirements and the impact of the cloud. Prospects and users alike are encouraged to use this document when evaluating the reporting capabilities of contact center infrastructure solutions.

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