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How can we improve our contact center coaching?


How can we improve our contact center coaching?


In recent years, coaching has evolved from a monthly one-on-one session between a supervisor and an agent/representative into an ongoing dialog and two-way exchange of data. Coaching can include a wide range of functions facilitated by numerous contact center and workforce optimization (WFO) applications. Coaching methods range from manual activities performed by supervisors, such as whisper coaching or internal chat during live monitoring sessions, to automated capabilities supported by speech, text and desktop analytics solutions.

Coaching capabilities are frequently an integrated component of quality assurance (QA)/quality management (QM) solutions, which enables coaching feedback to be appended to evaluation forms and/or the recorded interaction. Targeted coaching sessions can be delivered to agents automatically, triggered by low-scoring evaluations, or, if integrated with surveying/voice of the customer (VoC) applications, low-scoring customer feedback results. Training materials, including attachments, videos, quizzes and links to knowledge management or eLearning course content, can be included as part of a coaching session.

Analytics-enabled coaching, supported by speech, text and desktop analytics applications, can systematically identify skills-based coaching opportunities and automatically trigger delivery of coaching and/or eLearning sessions. Business rules can be used to assign content and activities, or generate real-time guidance based on speech or desktop events. Integration of coaching capabilities with a workforce management (WFM) application can minimize scheduling complexity; coaching and eLearning sessions can be automatically scheduled for “optimal” delivery (e.g., periods of low volume) to minimize customer and contact center impacts. Best of all, coaching and eLearning sessions can be “gamified” – for example, successfully passing quizzes associated with coaching assignments can be used as the basis for allocation of points, or earning badges and other rewards in gamification applications.