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Question: Is there a way to consolidate the information from all of our separate contact center systems?


Contact center performance management (CCPM) solutions enable managers to review only a small number of reports, dashboards, and KPIs to understand their performance, instead of looking at reports from dozens of individual systems. CCPM applications collect, cleanse, integrate, and analyze data from multiple contact center and external applications and generate dashboards and balanced scorecards that deliver a comprehensive view of what’s happening in the operation. This gives executives and managers the critical insights about contact center and agent performance they need to effectively oversee their department and align their goals with those of the enterprise. 

The scorecards also improve agent engagement by replacing subjective performance evaluations with quantifiable and fact-based metrics. Balanced scorecards are intended to give agents and departments a broad, objective, and realistic view of performance from the perspective of the enterprise and its customers. These essential management tools can shift the focus of a contact center from measuring a series of discrete KPIs to evaluating how well each agent is helping the enterprise and contact center achieve their goals. This empowers employees to self-manage and modify their behavior to improve performance, thus creating a performance-driven culture.