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It’s Time to Fix Back-Office Operations (Whitepaper)

It’s Time to Fix Back-Office Operations

By Donna Fluss



It’s time to fix your back office. Like most companies, you’ve probably been managing back-office functions the same way for many years. You may have tried a business process management (BPM) initiative to automate some of the tasks, but the basic functions, activities and management processes have remained the same. The problem is that the volume of work keeps increasing, and it’s too expensive to continue to add employees to handle the work. So something has to change.

There has been a great deal written in the past two years about the back-office workforce optimization (WFO) suites that have emerged to create a new and improved operating model. (See: The Missing Links in Back-Office Business Process Optimization, {Aspect: insert link to this white paper on your web site.} This white paper presents a framework and methodology for transforming your back-office operating model to drive a higher quality and more cost-effective organization. The practices, tactics and systems provided in this paper will improve the productivity and performance of your back-office operating units. The approach described here will improve visibility and quality while giving management the tools to oversee the work. The end result will be substantially lower costs, a greatly enhanced customer journey, and more engaged employees.

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