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It’s Time to Revisit your Complaint Management System (Whitepaper)

It’s Time to Revisit your Complaint Management System

By Donna Fluss


Servicing Applications Make a Difference

If you’re like most companies, you built a home-grown servicing or complaint management system, or installed a Siebel (or similar customer relationship management (CRM)) application 10 to 15 years ago, and have not revisited the decision. During this time, the underlying technology has improved substantially, the cost of computing and storage has dropped precipitously, and network capacity has increased dramatically, changing the entire servicing paradigm. At the same time, customer service philosophies have evolved, and government regulations have become onerous. Despite the changing technical, regulatory and business landscape, organizations still face the same servicing challenge: to efficiently and cost effectively deliver an outstanding and differentiated customer experience.

To achieve this goal, organizations need a flexible customer service and support application that can rapidly evolve with the changing needs of their business. While today’s challenges are handling regulatory requirements, such as Dodd Frank, and incorporating social media into the servicing framework, tomorrow’s issues will be the adoption of predictive customer service and applying advanced analytics. It’s time for organizations to implement a complaint management system that enables them to provide outstanding service instead of being an impediment to change.

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