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Omni-Channel QA Best Practices for Contact Centers (Whitepaper)

Omni-Channel QA Best Practices for Contact Centers

By Donna Fluss


To improve the customer experience, companies need an omni-channel contact center infrastructure system to receive, intelligently route and queue interactions; a customer relationship management (CRM) application to track customer information and activities; and a workforce optimization solution to provide management, analytics and optimization capabilities. While a large percentage of contact centers have a quality assurance (QA) program to evaluate agent performance and the experience they deliver when handling calls, surprisingly, this activity is not performed in other channels such as email, text/SMS, online chat or social media posts. This is an accident waiting to happen. It’s only a matter of time before the risk of inaction catches up with organizations, as it is at least as likely that agents will do something wrong in a digital channel as on the phone. Even worse, a mistake made in some of the digital channels, such as social media, is likely to have a much more significant impact on an enterprise because it is more visible and public than a phone call. But the accident is avoidable.

To improve the customer experience, engage agents and eliminate risk, enterprises should build omni-channel QA programs and implement them as soon as possible. This white paper provides best practices to help companies build an effective omni-channel QA program for their contact centers.

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