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Omni-Channel QA Best Practices for Contact Centers

Omni-channel quality assurance (QA) is a requirement for organizations that want to compete in the digital age. QA was conceived of as a process to measure how well agents adhere to an organization’s established policies and procedures. In the past, when agents interacted with customers and prospects exclusively by phone, it was challenging but essential to evaluate call quality and content. However, as service expands to include many channels and touchpoints, it’s more important to deliver a consistent experience in every touch. Omni-channel QA gives contact centers a system and process to collect and evaluate information and insights about customers and employees. It’s a proven technique for improving the customer experience, enhancing agent engagement and reducing operating costs. If it’s been more than 5 years since you’ve replaced your recording and QA solution and enhanced your QA practices, you’re long overdue for a transformation that will improve your bottom line and brand. Here is the link to the white paper.

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