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Real-Time Speech Analytics Improves the Customer Experience (Whitepaper)

Real-Time Speech Analytics Improves the Customer Experience

By Donna Fluss



Every few years, executives realize the importance of customer service, and put great pressure on their service organization or contact center to make substantial improvements. As surprising as it may seem, executives are not necessarily aware of the seriousness or magnitude of many of the service issues confronting their companies. Before there was social media, many companies were not overly concerned with customer service issues, because they generally did not impact public image and brand in such an immediate and stark fashion. But the days of treating customer service as a non-essential activity have passed. Enterprises need tools that can rapidly identify emerging trends so that they can be resolved proactively, before they result in a social media firestorm. Even better would be to identify issues or opportunities in real time, as they occur, and to respond to them immediately. This is where real-time speech analytics can make a major contribution, by altering the outcome of phone interactions while a caller is still on the line.

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