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The Customer Service Revolution (Whitepaper)

The Customer Service Revolution

By Donna Fluss



If you’re like most companies, you’ve been using the same contact center systems and applications for years. While this might be fine, the concern is that you’re also hanging onto obsolete best practices, which isn’t fine, as customer expectations have changed greatly during the past few years. Providing good service is no longer enough; today, most consumers and B2B partners want and expect the companies they do business with to provide outstanding service in all channels, regardless of their value to the company. Yet, as we all know, too many companies are not even coming close to meeting their customers’ expectations for merely adequate service. (While cable companies are often cited as extreme examples of bad service and what not to do to customers, poor service seems to be the norm for too many businesses. Most consumers perceive that contact centers are staffed with untrained and uncaring people.)

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