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Top 35 Reasons You Need Contact Center Performance Management (Whitepaper)

Top 35 Reasons You Need Contact Center Performance Management

By Donna Fluss



Most contact centers do not yet use a performance management application, even though they would be much better able to meet their department and enterprise goals if they did. Contact center performance management (CCPM) is a mindset, process and application. At a strategic level, CCPM provides a framework for aligning the goals of the contact center with those of the corporation. At a tactical level, the performance management process uses goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, data sources and balanced scorecards to capture, analyze and report how well the contact center delivers to its objectives, in order to identify the actions necessary to address areas of weakness or strength. At a practical level, it streamlines and simplifies contact center reporting, enabling managers to use a carefully selected set of KPIs, metrics, dashboards, scorecards and reports to manage their operation, instead of the numerous reports and hundreds of measures previously required. What this means is that CCPM solutions provide accurate and actionable dashboards and reports that give agents, supervisors and managers information to motivate them to do a better job of meeting their goals – improving productivity, generating revenue (sales or collections), reducing costs, and improving the customer experience.

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