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Question: What can customer journey analytics do to help us understand the CX?


Customer journey analytics (CJA) provides a 360-degree view of customer relationships and interactions with an organization from origin to outcome, and evaluates the customer experience (CX) every step of the way – from the customer perspective. This includes activities with a branch or store location, back office, website, social media network, contact center (live agents and via self-service e.g., IVR or IVA), across all voice- and text-based channels (e.g., phone, email, chat, short message service (SMS), messaging, in-app, social media post, video, etc.), as well as all actions initiated by customers or employees on customers’ behalf.

As importantly, CJA applications systematically capture massive amounts of data, analyze it, and identify organizational or operational impediments that make it difficult for customers to conduct their business or result in customer dissatisfaction, frustration or consternation. Once these service barriers or any impactful enterprise actions (marketing solicitations, outbound attempts, self-service and agent-assisted interactions, fulfillment, back-office activities, etc.) are identified as problematic, enterprises can optimize customer journeys by proactively fixing the problems. Compelling output of CJA applications is insight into customer effort, which is a reflection of how easy or difficult it is for a customer to do business with an organization and/or to accomplish what they need/want.

CJA applications are intended to help companies understand customer behavior and patterns and how they change over time and/or relative to each interaction. CJA solutions identify overarching servicing trends and opportunities, and also provide the data needed to enable enterprises to understand their customers on an individual basis, which allows organizations to deliver consistent, frictionless, and personalized omni-channel experiences.