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Question: What items should we focus on to improve our CX in 2022?


Delivering an outstanding customer experience (CX) at all touchpoints in the customer journey requires the right blend of people, processes and technology. Contact center agents are becoming more important than ever to companies that want to deliver an outstanding CX. Agents need technology to perform their jobs efficiently and productively, and they also require processes and procedures that empower them to become customer advocates. Rigid procedures, inefficient and outdated processes, and other operational obstacles are major impediments to CX. Organizations that want to realize the benefits of digital channels and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled systems and applications need to develop new operating policies and processes that align with the times and optimize both the customer and agent experience. Enhancing the customer experience is as much about re-imagining all processes and procedures as it is about updating systems and supporting the communication channels customers prefer to use. 

Enhancing or upgrading operating systems and applications is a necessary step in improving the customer experience. Enterprises should take this opportunity to identify all systems and applications that need to be enhanced, replaced or acquired. DMG expects to see major spending in the following service-oriented, AI-enabled system categories during the next few years as companies strive to remake themselves in the post-pandemic world: contact center as a service (CCaaS), self-service applications, interaction analytics, workforce management, robotic process automation, knowledge management and customer journey analytics, for starters. Would you like help in achieving your contact center or enterprise customer experience goals? DMG can work with you to develop strategies and tactics that improve the customer experience, reduce operating costs, increase the use of self-service, optimize employee productivity, and transform policies and procedures. DMG can also help you enhance the way you use current technology and assist with technology acquisitions to find the right partner and solution for your environment. If you would like to contact DMG Consulting, please click here.