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Contact Center and AI Goals and Investment Priorities for 2024 Summary of Findings


For the past 9 years (except for 2019), DMG Consulting LLC (DMG) has conducted a worldwide survey of enterprise, customer experience (CX), contact center, and customer service executives and managers to identify their top business and technology investment priorities for the coming year. This survey was conducted in December 2023 to capture business leaders’ current plans for the new year. The findings from this year’s survey reflect the ongoing commitment of company executives and leaders to enhance the CX, but with an increased emphasis on automation and improving productivity. Company and contact center leaders are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve these mutually essential corporate goals. This primary research study shows that most global companies are already investing in Al or plan to by the end of 2024, as leaders see it as their path to enhancing the CX while reducing operating expenses and improving employee engagement.

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