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Thumbs Up! Customer Engagement for a New Generation – A Benchmark Study of the Impact of Social Media on Customer Service

By Donna Fluss


DMG’s worldwide survey of 132 operations, contact center, marketing, line-of-business, sales and IT managers, as well as enterprise executives, found that a majority, 67.4%, are already using social media for a variety of activities. While no one doubts the power of social media, few organizations have figured out how to use it effectively to achieve their enterprise goals. This study is intended to help enterprise leaders understand how to utilize this powerful communications channel to benefit their customers and organization.

This Report reviews four social media-related topics:

  1. Social media usage
  2. Planning for social media
  3. Impact of social media on customer service and contact centers
  4. Social media forecasting, staff scheduling and service level goals

The Report also visits the topic of whether organizations should host their customer service and contact center solutions. This subject has been explored in prior DMG benchmark studies, and is being reviewed again to see how enterprise attitudes have changed over time.

This Report presents DMG’s survey results and discusses the significance of the findings for enterprises, marketing, customer service, contact centers and customers. It presents recommendations for leading companies to effectively handle social media interactions, and provides tactics and proposed best practices for transitioning to leading performance in the categories listed above. The Report enables readers to benchmark their company’s performance with regard to social media against that of their peers, so they can see where they stand and what they need to change to improve their handling of this emerging but important business communications channel.

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