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NEW!2016 Contact Center Workforce Optimization Market Share Report
The WFO market continues to be dominated by the two market leaders, Verint and NICE, but the other 41 competitors are aggressively fighting for business and coming up with schemes to disrupt the status quo. The WFO market is experiencing growing pains due to the maturity and high penetration rates of its two leading applications: recording and quality assurance. Leading and contending vendors are making investments in analytics and are looking for ways to accelerate the adoption of the newer WFO capabilities in both front- and back-office operating environments. Analytics will play a major role in the future of the WFO market as vendors deliver actionable and high-value solutions that empower enterprises to engage their customers and employees. Learn more.

NEW!2016-2017 Outbound Solutions Product and Market Report
2015 was a challenging year for the outbound solutions sector, but a surprisingly good one for vendors with flexible strategies, who were able to respond to changing market conditions. Beset with yet another round of regulations and legislation, the market is rising to the challenge with continued innovations to help organizations across all verticals develop successful and compliant outbound programs. The proliferation and adoption of digital communication modes is increasing the variety of ways and means for organizations to engage with their customers. Outbound activities are playing an important role in the omni-channel customer journey, and preference management and the business intelligence gleaned from these activities are becoming important drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty. For outbound solutions to work, organizations must combine effective technology with the right business practices. This translates to market opportunity for creative vendors, a trend that DMG expects to see continue.Learn more.

NEW!2016 Contact Center Workforce Management Market Report
Enterprise dynamics are changing as executives search for ways to improve the customer journey. Front- and back-office operating departments are starting to come together, or at least do a better job of supporting each other, which is creating the need for enterprise WFM. Additionally, the desire to better utilize the large number of back-office workers is driving interest in applying WFM to these operating departments. 2016 is going to be a pivotal year for the WFM market; one that sets the stage for vast improvements in existing solutions as well as laying the foundation for the next generation of WFM. Learn more.

NEW!2015 - 2016 Workforce Optimization (WFO) Product and Market Report
DMG's 12th annual edition of the 2015 – 2016 Workforce Optimization Product and Market Report provides an in-depth analysis of the contact center WFO market, competitive landscape, product suites and innovation, as well as technology, servicing and management trends that are redefining how contact centers and organizations interact with their customers and employees. A new wave of front- and back-office WFO suites are emerging, focused on engaging and empowering agents and helping organizations deliver on their goal of outstanding personalized service. The Report also provides an insightful analysis of WFO market activity for the first half of 2015, and provides 5-year market projections for the 12 WFO application components. Learn more.

The Real-time Contact Center: Strategies, Tactics, And Technologies For Building A Profitable Service And Sales Operation

The Real-Time Contact Center by Donna Fluss By Donna Fluss

As the focal point for sales and service, a company's call/contact centers know what customers want and need. Companies looking for a competitive edge must convert their reactive, cost-oriented contact centers into proactive, revenue-generating, real-time contact centers. The Real-Time Contact Center provides the tools, systems, implementation plans, best practices, ROI models, and practical guidance to make the transformation happen smoothly.

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