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NEW!2014 - 2015 Workforce Optimization (WFO) Product and Market Report
The WFO market has reached a turning point as technology and customer care continue to evolve at breakneck speed. Having performed well in both strong and weak economic environments for decades, the time has come for a new generation of WFO solutions to emerge. Mega-trends like omni-channel customer interaction, utilizing “big data” to improve the customer journey, and gamification are driving much of the evolution of this sector, while tech trends like mobility and the cloud are forcing vendors to invest to meet the needs of a changing workforce and consumer base. Learn more.

NEW!2014 Workforce Optimization Mid-Year Market Share Report
The contact center WFO market is still attracting substantial investments, many of which are being driven by the need to replace existing systems. The largest opportunities for increasing sales of WFO are in emerging economies, including several regions in Asia, as well as in the back office, where there is a sizable opportunity for WFO to dramatically improve business processes. The majority of WFO suite and application sales in contact centers today are premise-based, but DMG expects this to change during the next 5 – 8 years as more contact center activity moves to the cloud. The 2014 Workforce Optimization (WFO) Mid-Year Market Share Report analyzes projected growth for each WFO segment – recording, quality assurance, contact center performance management, speech analytics, text analytics, surveying, desktop analytics, workforce management, coaching and eLearning – through 2018. Learn more.

NEW!2014 - 2015 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report
It is truly a buyers' market right now, and the proliferation of vendors, options and pricing structures are making cloud-based infrastructure solutions a highly attractive and viable acquisition model for contact centers of nearly every type, size and budget. End users and prospects are more than comfortable with the idea of cloud-based solutions; it is becoming their preferred method for procuring new and/or replacing outdated technology. Aside from the real and quantifiable financial benefits, end users are reaping the rewards from the exposure to new, robust and flexible technology, regular upgrades and on-going innovation without geographical restrictions or reliance on internal IT resources. Relieved of the burden of managing the hardware and software, end user organizations are free to focus on optimizing the use of the solutions to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Learn more.

NEW!2014 - 2015 Contact Center Gamification Product and Market Report
Gamification is a recent innovation that is generating substantial interest and capturing the attention of contact centers and enterprises. Gamification applications are being incorporated into internal production environments and customer-facing websites to engage and retain employees and customers. Gamification is starting to catch on, and early adopters of these solutions are seeing impressive success rates. DMG expects the next two years to be highly productive for gamification providers, as organizations use these solutions to help reduce customer effort and positively engage with their customers via social community channels. Learn more.

NEW!2014 - 2015 Speech Analytics Product and Market Report
The contact center speech analytics market, in its 11th year, delivered exceptional performance in 2013. DMG has long praised these solutions for their ability to help organizations realize significant tangible business benefits. As speech analytics solutions continue to evolve, and users realize new and greater returns. This success will only increase. The number of reported contact center speech analytics seats grew by 26.0%, from 2,292,733 in July 2013 to 2,889,031 as of the end of May 2014. The vast majority of these seats are from sales of post-call solutions, although the adoption of real-time speech analytics is beginning to pick up. Learn more.

NEW!2014 - 2015 Outbound Solutions Product and Market Report
Compliance with legislation in the US and abroad remains top-of-mind for end-user organizations. Vendors who compete in this sector have invested and are continuing to invest in providing flexible features to support the development of regulatory-compliant outbound campaigns that mitigate risk. Moreover, in our highly digital world of email, instant messaging (IM), short message service (SMS), chat and social media, outbound activities are increasingly becoming an accepted, even expected, mode of communication between enterprises and their customers. Companies need to develop effective multi-channel outbound/inbound/blended strategies to communicate consistently and effectively with their customers. The outbound solution providers are rising to the challenge. Learn more.

NEW!2014 Workforce Optimization Market Share Report
2013 was a good year for the WFO market, but one that indicates that this is a maturing market. The total company GAAP numbers increased by 11.5% between fiscal 2012 and 2013, but the contact center WFO segment grew by only 7.5%. If the WFO market were to remain “as is” or “status quo,” it would gradually transition to a slow-moving and staid sector that generated a dependable amount of revenue, but this is not what DMG expects to happen. DMG expects the WFO market to reinvent itself and to come on strong, even if it takes several years for this transition to occur. The WFO sector often outperforms other contact center IT sectors, as well as many general IT segments, because innovations keep coming out of this market. Learn more.

NEW!2014 - 2015 Contact Center Performance Management Market Report
CCPM's time may finally have come. "Big data," employee engagement, and the increasing importance of capturing and analyzing the customer journey are the major market trends that are causing end users to give CCPM a fresh look. Vendors are continuing to invest in making CCPM solutions more actionable and easier to implement and use. Performance management has also started to capture the interest of back-office managers as a way of obtaining the metrics and KPIs they need to help improve performance and reduce their operating expenses. Learn more.

NEW!2014 - 2015 Contact Center Workforce Management Market Report
The growing need for front and back-office WFM capabilities is driving purchases at an unprecedented rate in this formerly slow-moving market; the rapid growth is, in turn, driving substantial investments in product innovation. Workforce management software remains the most important productivity tool in many contact centers, and is expected to find a similar position in the back office. In a worldwide benchmark study conducted by DMG Consulting in Q4 2013, workforce management was a top-ranked investment priority for 2014. This is no surprise given that increasing agent productivity, adding new channels, and reducing the cost of service are among the top five contact center initiatives for 2014. These solutions lower servicing/sales/processing costs through better agent/employee utilization, avoidance of overstaffing, and reductions in overtime costs, while ensuring that the right people with the right skills are available to get the job done and deliver a great customer experience. WFM solutions also provide multi-channel forecasting and scheduling capabilities to better support blending and omni-channel staffing efficiency and optimization. Learn more.

NEW!2013 - 2014 Workforce Optimization (WFO) Product and Market Report
The contact center WFO market has been one of the top-performing IT sectors in the contact center market for the past 14 years. DMG remains bullish on the WFO market because these vendors are not just sitting back and enjoying their success. Leading and contending WFO vendors are making substantial investments in their products and future direction. The contact center WFO vendors "get it" - these vendors are willing to work with their customers to build features to improve the customer experience. This is why the solutions continue to improve and why they are purchased. So, although the market is called workforce optimization, these vendors provide functionality that does a great deal more than just optimize employees. These suites are dedicated to enhancing the customer experience and providing insights into the customer journey while improving both the customer and employee experience and reducing operating costs. DMG expects 2014 to be an excellent year for these solutions, as end users replace outdated core telephony, customer service and customer relationship management (CRM) applications, including WFO capabilities. Learn more.

The Real-time Contact Center: Strategies, Tactics, And Technologies For Building A Profitable Service And Sales Operation

The Real-Time Contact Center by Donna Fluss By Donna Fluss

As the focal point for sales and service, a company's call/contact centers know what customers want and need. Companies looking for a competitive edge must convert their reactive, cost-oriented contact centers into proactive, revenue-generating, real-time contact centers. The Real-Time Contact Center provides the tools, systems, implementation plans, best practices, ROI models, and practical guidance to make the transformation happen smoothly.

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