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DMG Consulting Releases 2019 Call Tracking Product Report


Improved marketing effectiveness for the digital era

Who:      DMG Consulting LLC, a leading provider of contact center, back-office and real-time analytics market research and consulting services

What:    Releases 2019 Call Tracking Product Report 

When:    Today, 17 July 2019

Where:   Available at the DMG Consulting online store


DMG Consulting LLC, a leading provider of contact center, back-office and real-time analytics market research and consulting services, today released its 2019 Call Tracking Product Report. The Report provides a thorough and comprehensive analysis of this niche IT sector, which is increasing in importance as a result of the digital transformation that is taking place in organizations around the world.

Companies appreciate the value of call tracking in delivering significant improvements in marketing efficiency and effectiveness, quantifiable increases in sales, and high levels of customer satisfaction. Marketing organizations need to know which campaigns are most effective in attracting customers and generating revenue. Fundamentally, call tracking is software and analytics that are used to capture inbound call activity to determine the effectiveness of online (e.g., search engine optimization (SEO), social media, pay-per-click, web banners, mobile, etc.) and offline (e.g., TV/radio/print ads, billboards, trade show promotional items, etc.) marketing campaigns.

Call tracking is also a step in the customer journey; it gathers important details about customers and their buying preferences, and shares this data with the contact center, where it can be used to optimize sales by routing calls to the most appropriate agent. Call tracking can integrate with applications like customer relationship management (CRM) systems, interactive voice response (IVR) systems and intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) to leverage customer data and deliver highly relevant and customized communications and recommendations. This results in higher conversion rates, increased revenue, improved brand loyalty and an enhanced customer experience. “Call tracking improves marketing effectiveness while also improving the perception of the contact center as an essential contributor to a business’s bottom line,” said Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting. “Call tracking shows that when a phone number is added to an online marketing campaign, sales increase.”

Call tracking enhances the effectiveness of digital and offline marketing campaigns, and DMG expects momentum to continue to be positive. This sector’s growth is fueling a wave of investments that is yielding expanded and more sophisticated offerings, including the use of AI-enabled conversational analytics, which is increasing the benefits of these applications. DMG expects revenue in the call tracking market to grow by 10% – 15% in each of the next 3 years, 2019 – 2021.

The 2019 Call Tracking Product Report closely examines these highly valuable and increasingly popular solutions. The Report provides a detailed analysis of 5 vendors: Convirza, Freespee, Infinity, Invoca and Marchex. It explains how these solutions are being used, their benefits, and highlights best practices to help companies realize the greatest return from their investment. To learn more about the Report, read the full abstract, including the table of contents. To order, visit

About DMG Consulting LLC

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