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DMG Launches New and Improved Website

DMG Launches New and Improved Website

It’s an important and thrilling day over here at DMG Consulting LLC! We are so excited to announce that we launched our brand new, reimagined, redesigned website! It has been a labor of love (and sometimes tears) over the last nine months.

Designed with you, our loyal readers, clients and followers in mind, the new website is a tribute to all things contact center, back-office, customer experience, analytics and more. We’ve gone to great lengths to help you find what you need most in the easiest, most seamless ways. You’ll see:

  • A new and improved research library showcasing all of our current industry reports
  • An extensive list of all of the services we offer to executives and managers, solution providers and the financial community
  • An enormous collection of free research for you to peruse any time on a variety of topics that we know impact your business
  • And, a brand new blog chock full of posts concerning events, Q&As, industry news, our daily musings, the DMG newsletter and so much more! Make sure you bookmark this one! We’re pretty sure you’re going to love it! Visit the site, take a look around and let us know what you think!! We always appreciate your input, comments and suggestions. Happy surfing!

As always, you’ll be able to contact us and ask any DMG expert a question concerning your contact center, back-office, customer experience strategy, best practices, technology, or whatever may be on your mind. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so you don’t miss a thing.


Ask the Experts

I keep hearing about contact center technology that uses machine learning. What is machine learning and how is it being used?


Rooted in the science of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning is a method of data analysis that uses statistical algorithms to detect patterns and predict future outcomes without explicit programming. As the name suggests, when the application ingests new data, it assimilates the information to “learn” and iteratively adapt its actions.

Below are a few ways contact center technology is benefiting from machine learning:

  • Speech and text analytics – Machine learning is a natural complement to data mining solutions, and is used to enhance indexing and search accuracy in speech and text analytics. Additionally, machine learning is used to facilitate automated discovery of trends or topics and identify correlations.
  • Voice biometrics – Many voice biometrics engines utilize machine learning to support an adaptive tuning process. An enrolled voiceprint is continually updated and refined based on the features and characteristics of incoming voice samples from the same speaker that are collected and authenticated in subsequent interactions. This is also how the voice biometrics engine can accommodate changes in vocal features over time as people age, become ill, or dental structure changes.
  • Intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) – As one of the core underlying technologies used by IVAs, machine learning is leveraged to mimic the cognitive functions of humans as they learn, reason, work and react. Machine learning enhances IVA interactions by accessing knowledge bases to retrieve the most appropriate resource material to provide to prospects or customers, or to answer questions. Machine learning enables IVA applications to further refine answers to common questions as they are exposed to more data.
  • Predictive analytics – Machine learning is used in conjunction with predictive analytics in real-time guidance applications to determine the best sales offer or service solution to present to a prospect or customer. Machine learning can assist companies in identifying patterns in customer behavior to predict the next-best action to enhance the customer journey or reduce the risk of customer churn.

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