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Best Practices for Creating a Culture of Agent Engagement


Contact centers have always had an attrition issue, but as a result of the Great Resignation, it’s become overwhelming. This statement succinctly sums up one of the most significant challenges confronting contact centers, one that is driving the top enterprise concern: how to improve the customer experience (CX). Agents are critical to the success of contact centers, even if a large and growing percentage of interactions are handled by self-service solutions. This is because customers want to speak to an empathetic, knowledgeable, and highly skilled agent when an issue is time-sensitive and/or highly emotional. This white paper provides tactics to guide leaders in building agent engagement and making the contact center a great place to work. It addresses the value of applying best practices throughout the employee lifecycle, starting with the hiring process. It discusses workforce scheduling policies that agents find troubling and explains the importance of upgrading the agent role and perception within the company, including the need to provide agents with a career path. Lastly, it highlights a few of the new intelligent real-time applications that give agents the timely feedback they’ve been asking for.

This white paper is the third in a series dedicated to building agent engagement in the era of the Great Resignation. The first white paper in the series, Reversing the Great Resignation: Strategies for Improving Agent Retention, addresses what agents want most in their work environment. The second paper, Tools and Tips for Successful Contact Center Supervisors, provides insights into this mission-critical role, including what it takes to develop great front-line managers.

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