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Generative AI: A New Paradigm for Contact Centers and Customer Service

Published September 22, 2023

Generative AI has the potential to transform contact centers and customer service departments as we know them today. It can significantly automate the handling of many inquiries and transactions that currently require live agent assistance, dramatically improving accuracy and productivity while enhancing both the customer and employee experience.   

Generative AI Explained: Use Cases, Advantages, Risks, What’s Real, and What’s Next 

DMG Consulting’s special edition Report Generative AI: A New Paradigm for Contact Centers and Customer Service defines generative AI, discusses multiple use cases for this technology in contact center and customer service applications, and describes how it is already being applied to greatly improve performance and benefit customer-facing departments. The challenge is that the practical application of generative AI is in its infancy, and vendors and enterprises alike are striving to leverage it properly while avoiding its risks.

This industry analysis details the advantages and risks associated with generative AI and provides a review of the current competitive environment. It reviews 11 contact center/customer service solutions that have already applied generative AI to augment their capabilities, providing the landscape for readers to know what is real today and what is not. It provides an outlook on what to expect next, as there is undoubtedly much more to come. As executives and managers move toward the implementation of generative AI in these scenarios, the report helps to position leaders for success.

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. DMG Consulting Research Methodology
  4. Generative AI Defined
  5. Generative AI Trends and Challenges
    • 5.1 Generative AI Trends
    • 5.2 Generative AI Challenges
  6. Generative AI Use Cases
  7. Generative AI Benefits and Risks
    • 7.1 The Benefits of Generative AI
    • 7.2 The Risks of Generative AI
  8. The Outlook for Generative AI
    • 8.1 Generative AI Maturity
    • 8.2 Generative AI Adoption
  9. Contact Center Generative AI Competitive Landscape
  10. Company Reports
    • 10.1 Balto
    • 10.2 Cognigy
    • 10.3 Cresta
    • 10.4 Cyara
    • 10.5 Equature
    • 10.6 Five9
    • 10.7 Genesys
    • 10.8
    • 10.9
    • 10.10 Salesforce
    • 10.11 Verint
  11. Generative AI Frequently Asked Questions
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